Windslammer Weather Station

Windslammer is down, due to a perfect storm of circumstances:

  1. March 22 - the power was lost at the top of the hill. This power source is tentative at best and what is surprising is how long we have had it up. We will likely replace with solar cells and battery when we can.
  2. March 28 - Windslammer server has been removed from Mission Soaring Center. Mission Soaring Center is moving out of the location in Milpitas after more than 30 years there. Mission Soaring Center's location was well positioned for a 3.5 mile line-of-sight distance to the top of the hill for the long-distance, point-to-point ethernet bridge that connected the weather station at the top of the hill with the server in the shop. We need to find a new access point at the bottom of the hill for reinstallation of the server.
  3. COVID-19 closure of access to the top of the hill at Ed Levin is keeping us from being able to access the weather station to be able to restore power and function.

Stay tuned. We'll be back up. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe!